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Oct 31, 2014

Quality Marine Cranes From Technocrane Inc

By Merv Carlson

Technocrane Inc is a popular crane distributor located in North America. Few months ago they introduced the marine cranes they manufactured to the market. These marine cranes are believed to be one of the best on the market. Marine is a severe environment; normal inland cranes can not do the job in a vessel. Every offshore operator wants to have a durable and reliable crane which can withstand the harsh marine environment. Technocrane understands the needs; and their two latest crane models are specifically designed for marine use.

Marine environments, whether saltwater or freshwater, subject equipment like cranes to corrosion, which can be detrimental to any equipment that is made out of metal. Cranes that are used at sea or even on the dock can quickly be transformed into useless piles of junk if not designed, built and maintained adequately. Saltwater environments can be particularly challenging because salt (sodium chloride) that is dissolved in water result in an ionic solution that can speed the corrosion process. Marine cranes, while not normally submerged, are not immune to the problem of saltwater corrosion. Metal equipment does not even need to be visibly wet in order to suffer from corrosion, the high moisture content in the air alone is sufficient to cause damage to metal components, particularly when those components are not made of the highest quality metals, like stainless steel, or are not protected by an adequate coating of chrome plating or corrosion resistant paint.

Remember that truck cranes and marine cranes are designed for being used in different environment. No matter how quality, powerful your truck cranes are, they should be used for inland purposes only. Inland cranes just do not have enough corrosion protection to deal with the moisture on the sea. If you try to use a truck mounted crane as a marine crane, the standard paint and chroming on various crane components will soon be damaged; the crane will then be vulnerable to corrosion. In addition, a truck mounted crane must be relocated to fit the deck surface; and this is not recommended.

Technocrane Inc belongs to the rare crane manufacturers who designed specific cranes for marine use. The marine cranes by Technocrane are made of high quality, corrosion resistant material so they will not be damaged by the moisture. What's more, the two marine crane models are both very durable. Marine cranes are normally used even when the seagoing vessels are moving; so every of their components have to be strong enough to withstand the severe working stresses. Technocrane marine cranes come with dual rack and pinion slewing systems to help them function well even on unstable platform.

Technocrane Inc. is known as a reliable wholesale distributor of truck cranes as well as marine cranes. With their 25 years of experience in designing, manufacturing marine and truck mounted cranes, they are confident to satisfy any customers. For more marine crane information, feel free to check out their websites.

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