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Jul 28, 2014

Everyone Loves To Find A Doll Zone

By Sharron Cantu

Many individuals around America like to devote an entire room to television and movie characters. This is one reason why they will visit a doll zone that is readily available to them. Entertainment Earth knows exactly what the fans want and they will do their best to please them. This particular company has been in existence for a period of time and they are going stronger than ever.

If someone is looking for a certain character they may be able to find it at the Entertainment Earth location. People everywhere cannot wait to get their hands on a character from "The Big Bang Theory." Other current character items include "Lost In Space, " Batman, " "Lost, " "The Twilight Zone, " "Star Trek, " "Star Wars, " "Battlestar Galactica, " "Ghostbusters" and "The Six Million Dollar Man."

"Batman" fans will not be disappointed once they purchase a Bruce Wayne or Dick Grayson eight inch figure later this year. These products are made through Classic TV Toys and they are being sold on the company's website. Egghead and The Penguin will also be available within the same time frame. All of these items come with removable clothing and they really do look like the actors from this series. Unfortunately no one had the good sense to manufacture these products during the 60's.

"Battlestar Galactica" was an American television series that only lasted for one season on ABC television. There were many impressive characters within this show and they have now been molded into action figures. People who like Starbuck, Athena or Apollo will enjoy having their statues around. This production company will sell these particular figures for a short time.

"The Big Bang Theory" has been on the CBS network for several years and viewers tend to love this show. They especially like a man called Sheldon who is in this series. He is quick tempered and very inpatient with most of his fellow friends on this series. Americans and other people across the globe can own their very own Sheldon statue when September 2014 rolls around.

Any toy set would not be complete without the characters from "Star Trek." The show was very popular back in the 60's and it has a large number of fans around this world. Spock, Kirk and Bones can all be purchased over the internet for a fare amount of money. If they are lucky people can also get a likeness of Uhura and Scotty as well.

Penny Robinson would make a beautiful figure within any household across the United States. This item was supposed to go into production several years ago but it never happened. The other "Lost In Space" characters such as Maureen, John, Dr. Smith and Don can be purchased through Entertainment Earth. The show was only over the air for three seasons but it really fascinated the fans.

Back in the 1970's George Lucas created a movie called "Star Wars" and it turned out to be a great money maker. Fans around America were able to purchase Hans Solo and the rest of the characters from their local toy stores. In today's society Entertainment Earth is now selling these figure to the public.

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